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Quora Page Retriever
Loads long Quora page content without having to scroll down.
by Jack
Version 1.02
Updated 1 June 2014
1 Rating
Installs: 209

What It Does

If you're on a Quora page with a lot of content, only a small portion of it loads right away. More loads dynamically when you scroll down to the bottom of the page. This can sometimes be annoying, for instance when you're looking for a particular entry and you want to use your browser's Ctrl-F search.

This script allows you to load long Quora pages' complete content automatically, without having to continually scroll down.


There are two settings, both set from your Quora user menu (you need to have a Quora account and be logged in).

  • Load All Answers causes the auto-loader to run on question pages, so that all available answers are loaded.
  • Load All History operates everywhere else where there is long content. This is generally feed lists and your personal history of questions and answers.


Loading isn't instantaneous. This basically keeps triggering loads as if you were scrolling down, until all the content is retrieved -- only you don't have to do it manually, and the page view won't scroll either. Content will simply load in the background while you read normally. Very long pages can therefore still take some time to fully load.

Answer auto-loading is on by default. History loading is not. The reason for this is that your feed history etc. gets much longer than questions typically do. You may want to only use History auto-loading when you need it, and otherwise leave it off. Certain "history" pages, like clicking a topic tag, may go on loading forever (or for a really long freakin' time, anyway).

The settings are live. Checking one of the boxes will activate it instantly on the current page, without having to reload. Similarly, if a setting is checked and the script is still auto-loading the current page, un-checking the box will immediately stop the auto-loading.

Settings Screenshot:


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